Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Charlotte Markward and I am an Art Director specializing in brand strategy and corporate-level communication graphics. I have a strong, to-the-core knowledge of graphic design and branding. My goal is to make a client’s brand complete.

My guiding philosophy in life is: Every problem has a solution. And every solution must be elegant and organic — it must fit the problem like a hand in a glove. Branding is the rigorous application of this philosophy — it provides guides; it provides problems; and it provides solutions. A good brand is the culmination of solving an incredible and engrossing puzzle.

Graphic design is the outgrowth that comes from creative problem-solving of communication representation. The components of all communication “problems” are the elements of communication itself — the balance of listening, understanding and interpreting a client as well as listening, understanding and interpreting their audience. Too many times this equation is one-sided — a favoring of one over the other. But as with all things in life, a balance must be struck. Without this balance, communication falls flat. To be effective, every problem must be met with complete and categorical rigor. Ideas should be thorough and imaginative. This is the wellspring of creativity.

However, all work and no play makes Charlotte a cranky designer. And play is a vital part of the creative process. Although structure and discipline are the backbone, play is the power that fuels imagination. That open and honest lens to the world makes the mundane seem exciting; it makes drab colors alive; and it allows a fresh observation to take a project to places extraordinary.

I have over a decade of experience going to wild and unique places of imagination. Every year combines more discipline with more play. Frequent “reality checks” allow me to remain centered, focused and, above all, enjoying the search for clues to life (and design’s) questions.

Thank you for visiting my site!