Backroom Drums website


Music is fun. Musicians are a great bunch to work with — they’re creative and casual and just all around great people. So when the opportunity came up to do a website for a drum studio in Los Angelos, I jumped! I absolutely adore drums (have a nice little Mapex kit in the basement) and I knew that I could showcase something special about Backroom.

Backroom Drums is about more than drums — it’s about recording. Drums are primal, but recording is tangible. Sound engineers combine both left and right side brain functions. That’s what I wanted to show in this website. Note how the “rollovers” for each page represent an engineering console slider. Fun, serious, cool and hip.

I was also blessed by a client who knew how to take cool pics. Mind you that this is before the iPhone’s 8 megapixel cameras became a game changer. He could really get in and and make dials and speakers look interesting.