New York Restoration Project — Bette’s Garden Invite


New York Restoration Project is Bette Midler’s non-profit for protecting and preserving public spaces and parks in New York City. The organization develops community gardens; cleans up existing spaces; and generally sets about to beautify New York City through nature.

NYRP has a clean, graphic and whimsical look that appeals to me. I love working on their Direct Mail and this opportunity — to design an invitation package for the top-tier Bette’s Garden Club members — was so much fun.

The showstopper for the package would be the main, 6-panel Insert component. I sketched out several options, settling on 2 that best imparted NYRP’s signature style.

As is always the case, the finished product is a’la carte — elements from both concepts were included. When done with respect for the design, this approach is a great compromise (not to mention, it allows me to keep elements of designs that I love, but weren’t chosen).

What I love best about this piece is the attention to detail. There are little, loveable elements that make the piece a pleasure to read. The logo becomes the central “spine” of the piece, tying everything together.

I love bold, transparent overlays. I especially love to couple an almost-overwhelming element with a calming element. The interior has it’s own rhythm because of this. It jovially “bounces” from full-bleed photography to clean, white and graphic.