Fred Glick Branding Case Study


Fred Glick is a force of nature. Featured several times on CNBC, his personality is bold and direct (with a sharp wit); and his knowledge of all things housing is exceptional. Fred  owns U S Spaces (real estate) and U S Loans (mortgage). A David in a land of Goliath’s, Fred needed to freshen his branding. He needed an identity that matched his bold, realist approach to housing.

Original Logo

The challenge with Fred was keeping enough of his previous branding to be recognizable. Fred had hard-won recognition in Philadelphia. He certainly didn’t need a new logo to make him start all over again. However, his old branding lacked polish. It was dated. Plus, it didn’t follow the “rules” of a good logo: there was no way that logo was getting as small as it should. Not happening.

So what gets saved and what doesn’t? That was the point of my initial brainstorming and sketch exercise — distilling all info to find what makes the logo still recognizable, yet  brings it into the 21st century. I decided that the best approach would be explore color and the block mark.


Once Fred pick concept #3, it was time to port this logo to his other needs — logos for U S Loans and Fred Glick (his PR arm) as well as other collateral items.