K&L Wedding Case Study


Ken and Lauren are dear friends. They’ve been together for ages. So when they decided to get married, I was genuinely touched that they asked me to design their wedding collateral. I wanted this package to demonstrate how special their relationship is. The fact is, as a simple designer on a budget, I can’t give them expensive papers or metallic inks or letterpress. To truly express how much their friendship matters, I had to use the one “free” tool in my toolbox — my brain.

The thought process behind any project is similar. I chose the K&L wedding package to showcase as a Case Study because it’s personal closeness makes showing the process deeper, and therefore, more illustrative.

First, before hand-hits-mouse, there is always pen-hits-pad. However, what many may not know is that the even “uglier” stepsister of design layout sketches is the Outline. Yikes. The dreaded, grade-school Outline. It’s been spiffed up a bit with the more current Mindmap, but it’s all the same — “boring” words, gridded out in some fashion to show priority and relationships.

I drilled down through all the elements that made this couple “tick” and came up with a couple of concepts — each of which had a whimsical, humorous element to them:

  • Timeline K&L had dated for an eternity before they became engaged. It was a certainty that they would get married, no doubt. But friends were taking bets on the “when”. Wouldn’t it be nice to play on that theme — the “finally” — along with an actual history of the couple.
  • Thursday K&L’s wedding was going to be unusual on a number of fronts, one being that it would be held on a Thursday. The Save The Date (the first installment in the wedding package) would focus on this. Later, in the invite, we would focus on other unusual elements of the wedding.
  • Mix It Up Finally, the third concept would illustrate their humor by mixing up fonts. But it would also incorporate a French element (outlined, Deco-ish flowers reminiscent of French storybooks) to bring in the additional element of Lauren’s extensive love of all things French.

As is the case with most design, the Release version drew from all concepts, the main one being the Timeline. Now I had a theme and structure to create the rest of the collateral.

The Invite was the centerpiece for the K&L Timeline concept. I wanted to describe the history of the couple. After much consideration, I decided that a standard size “card’ wouldn’t work, conceptually speaking. If I wanted to emphasize the longevity of the couple, I needed space to spread out. A 6-panel “brochure” would do the job.