Philadelphia Insurance 2007 Annual Report Case Study


The 2007 Philadelphia Insurance Annual Report is a great case study about taking long-term clients — and their wants and needs — for granted. For about 5 years, the company that I was with had done the Annual Report (I myself being involved since 2005). Every year we presented what we knew they wanted, along with “outside the box” thinking. And year after year, they went with what they were comfortable with. 2007 was no different — except for the fact that this year, we only gave them their typical go-to designs. That is, until about 1/3 of the way through and a rival agency pitched them a new idea. They were wooed and wowed. This agency got them. It was up to us to show them that not only did we get them — that we were their soul mates. Game on.

With the gauntlet thrown down, it was time to put on our thinking caps and woo them back to our loving arms.  And the way to show anyone how much you care is to truly grasp them. We had to show that we understood Philadelphia Insurance better than the competition. We started by listening to them. What did they think about their business? How did they feel? It was time to get touchy-feely with them. What we found was a fascinating trip through PHLY’s history.

Philadelphia Insurance kept it’s success by sticking to their original formula — finding and serving niche markets. Starting at the companies founding in the early 1960’s — whereby founder James Maguire, Sr. learned braile so he could match plans to the hearing-impaired — PHLY became an insurance resource for under-served clientele. When their competitors looked in 1 direction, PHLY looked in another. That is what made them special and that was what we had to demonstrate.

This 1st concept speaks to PHLY’s uncommon company culture. It’s a can-do attitude that looks at adversity and says “yes, I can”. Anything can be possible with intelligent and decisive information. It’s this spirit that percolates from the business culture to the personal culture. At PHLY, team building takes place in the boardroom as well as the Ironman Triathalon. Good sportsmanship and team effort are every bit as much a part of PHLY as sales and PowerPoint presentations. A fit body shows a fit and determined mind. That led to the theme for concept 2:

The final concept illustrates the thoroughness with which they explore new opportunities. Some would say that PHLY carves their niches, but PHLY feels that they reveal it. When deciding on a new path, every new choice goes through an exhaustive process to determine its risks vs. benefit. This exhaustive process is a boon to their investors, for it shows the seriousness and dedication PHLY has to limiting risk. Because of it’s appeal to their stockholders, this was the direction that PHLY chose. It went to press and the client stayed happy.